I am basically a pianist and the piano technique has led me to painting. My subject this time is " Pianist Gestures ". During the whole time of researching, training and developing piano techniques, I have realised the connections of piano, art and thought. For instance, the eyes will guide the feet = the ears will guide the fingers = the eyes will guide my hands in painting. When I put down my brush on the paper, I have the same feeling as touching the keyboard with my fingers. I have applied piano techniques to my paintings : speed, rhythm, flexibility, delicacy, harmony, color, etc. I always have the images outlined in my head, then I let my eyes lead my hand to draw in conjunction with the relaxation of my muscles. I have transferred the feeling of musical harmony into the feeling of color harmony in my paintings. Whereas in a piano work all the harmony of the sounds should be linked unsporadically, it is the same in my paintings. The lines, shapes, and structure have been all combined harmoniously.


Questions : Why do I choose contemporary abstract painting ? To play classical music on the piano , I have to respect the style and the text of the score , I must not improvise or add notes as I want . However , with painting in contemporary abstract style , I can release my mind , blow up my ideas and my imagination at the most !